Concretely French

If you work with foreign partners (ex. within European Social Fund, humanitarian organisations, medical research, associations,...), you exchange letters, telecopies, E-mails in English/French. You meet these persons in their or your country.

Entrust me with this communication. Prices: Translation: calculated from number of words in your language. English into French 0.09 euro a word; French into English 0.10 euro a word. If technical, long or urgent document : + 20%. Estimate sent before each piece of work.

How to do: Send me the document. By E-mail : The estimate is free. The translation will be sent by E- or post mail. Payment : By bank check to the order of Anne LEMAIRE.

First order : please pay 50% when you order, and 50% when you receive the document.

Each order amounting less than 100 euros has to be paid cash. Interpretership : As a link between 2 persons.

250 euros for half a day (+25% after 5 p.m.) 450 euros for full day.

Possible lump sum if contract for more than 2 days in succession.

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